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I'm a reviewer and I wish to participate
to the game contest :

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Vape expert,

Icovape is the first international congress dedicated to the vape and the aim is to bring together all the different actors (healthcare professionals, e-liquid and equipment manufacturers, distributors and vendors, reviewers, journalists and government officials...) in order to protect the consumer and build together the vape of tomorrow. The vape is becoming more and more fragile and our goal is to federate and think together on making a healthy Vape in any country.


Therefore, we invite you to compete in order to win your presence in Icovape - From the 25th to 28th of May 2020 in Marrakesh !


The goal is to invite all your followers (by email or video… - we will share all your intervention to our social media) to answer to the survey which is at your disposal. Each view, like, shares are taking into account but the most important is the survey. The reviewer who get the post points will be our VIP guest !

In fact, the goal of this survey is to bring to the Congress datas and statistics that will allow us to think properly.


Hence, you'll be competing with other international reviewers, so you have to do everything you can to stand out from the crowd and we're counting on you and your overflowing imagination to reach as many people as possible and get people answering to the Icovape survey !


We need you, so get involved for the vape interest, get involved with Icovape !


Thanks to contact me back !

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