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Due to the convid-19 some countries and visitors unfortunately will not be able to be represented because they will not be able to move. For more information contact us.

Represented countries

Here are the represented countries in the Icovape. As we cannot welcome everyone, and as we are looking for the most important actors in each country, we wanted to show you the work that we've already done... even if we still have many thing to do and many actors to bring at this international congress of vape.


However, our goal is to go further, presenting you, not only the actors, but also the market. Why? Because we think that you can make your business succeed and Icovape event also, and we can do it if we organise it before, and together.


Hence, in few days/weeks, we will focuse on some market in order to present it and to analyse it. In case of you want us to focuse on some countries before, do not hesitate to let us know and we will organise that for you.

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