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Why Marrakech?

Pourquoi Marrakech?
Why Marrakech? 

Congress is serious, vape is even more… So what? Do we have to be serious about everything?

Why a congress ?

Pourquoi un congrès ?

Congress is serious, vape even more… So what? Do we have to be serious about everything?

No, Marrakech, it is the small grain of madness in this organization that makes it possible to give envy and to be taken seriously.
So, Marrakech, yes, when? in May.

In May? Why?

Because it’s nice, not too hot, not cold at night. People are relaxed, the city rises in incredible shades of color with beautiful sunshine, exceptional views, breathtaking places…

Okay, but what’s the point, we’re at conferences, cross-professional meetings?

Ah… indeed, but again, this event is different. You have to look at how it looks like what you know and not the other way around... In fact, the meetings are scheduled outside, in full sun, with tea stands, Moroccan cakes, vape, leaves and a computer… Yes, because we probably work, but differently...

Does it look complicated ? we are in a different pattern, an unknown environment perhaps, companies we may already know, a profession we master and we voluntarily put ourselves in the unknown… why?

Because moving forward is just doing, and even perfecting, or perfecting, it’s hard to judge when you don’t know if what you’re doing is right or perfect. How can we know, by going to the end of things, by unravelling, renewing, doing otherwise, even if we have to go back to how we were doing because it was already good, or doing something else because it is much better!

Okay, seriously, we all know vape. Everyone with their vision and strategy. Seriously, do you think you’ve got it all figured out? Do you think you don’t need anyone? We all need to be together, to stimulate ourselves, to move forward, to judge and to review our fundamentals, vape is fragile. It is up to us to make it strong, and to be strong, we must unite.


We all have potential to do our own thing, but so much more to do together. The idea, write the rest and work together.

Why a Vape Congress?

Congrès dédié

Vape is just a wonderful opportunity offered to millions or billions of smokers to have a product really effective. Apart from this aspect which may seem sufficient, it represents much more than a product or a user. Like before the cigarettes did, the vape gives a possibility of union, or community, and a kind of satisfaction, very important as "I helped my neighbor to stop smoking..."

Beyond the gaze that we can put on the vaping community which brings everyone together and erases the boundaries; beyond that vape aspect's of fan-friendly, beyond the richness of taste, flavors, type of vape, material, colors, texture... there are nevertheless men and women who work to make this simple and "funny" product an effective and serious product.

So, the vape must come together in congress to share these professional values that we carry every day, and the congress is intended to show to the entire international community, including vapors, that the vape is :

  •  A market

  •  A serious product

  •  A technology

  •  Research and Development

  •  A world wide market

  •  Thousands/millions of jobs

  •  Thousands/millions of saved lives


And above all, economic and social modelling that puts the user/consumer at the centre of our concerns before any business concerns.

However, all the features remain true and as a result, the congress is actually fighting first for what we believe to be good and just for our customers - end user. It is also a way to meet outside of our crazy and usual routine in a pleasant, auspicious and serious context.

It is the possibility of having access to the right people directly without having to search for them, identify them, explore them, … time, effort, money... for an almost immediate and much stronger result!

It is the certainty of broadening horizons with the right customers in the same place as you….


Because we have the same job, the same passion, the same stake and the same will, it is time to join together and finally work together side by side.

Let us build together the Vape of TOMORROW…. This is our will!




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