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Why you should come?

Pourquoi venir?
B2B Meeting
Je réserve!
  1. To make business

  2. To create strong and more personal relationships

  3. Target your prospects and future customers

  4. Choose your partner on long-term criteria

  5. Make some exchange and take position in new markets

  6. Seize all possible opportunities

  7. Meet the researchers, lawyers and journalists who are working together in order to develop the vape in a serene and sustainable way.

  8. Position yourself as an indispensable and indisputable vape actor.

Quels enjeux?

Which issues? 

So, the vape must join and meet in congress to share these professional values that we support every day, and the congress goals are to show the entire international community, including vape consumers, that vape is :

  •  A market

  •  A serious product

  •  A technology 

  •  Research and development

  •  A world market

  •  Thousands/millions of job

  •  Thousands/millions of lives saved


And above all, economic and social modelling that puts the user/consumer at the centre of our concerns before any business concerns.



7 september 2020

Arrival in Bordeaux. Shuttle from the hotel to the Castle.


From 15 :00 To 19 :00 : B2B Meetings  (based on your own selection)

From 20 :00 : cocktail, Winery visit, tasting... A dinner around the Grands Crus from Bordeaux.

8 september 2020

From 10 :00 to 12 :00 : B2B Meetings  (based on your own selection)

From 12 :00 to 14 :00 : lunch

From 14 :00 to 19 :000 : B2B Meetings  (based on your own selection)

Free evening to visit Bordeaux ...

9 September 2020

From 10 :00 to 13 :00 : B2B Meetings  (based on your own selection)

From 13 :00 to 15 :00 : lunch 

From 15 :00 to 18 :00 : Congress - rountable discussions

From 20 :00 : Closing dinner and with music and the beautiful Bordeaux view from the Hotel rooftop.*

                                                                    *In case of bad weather, the place can be changed.

10 september 2020

Morning : Breakfast

Shuttle and back home...

Exhibit, sponsor, participate...

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