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Pourquoi Marrakech?

Why Bordeaux ?

The city of Bordeaux is world famous thanks to its wine activity. Who has never heard of Grands Crus such as Pauillac, Pomerol, Margaux or Saint-Emilion?


Like wine, vaping awakens our senses, and everything is a story of taste.


Thus, Icovape offers you a journey through the Bordeaux Grands Crus, while focusing on the challenges of vaping, and your business.


Bordeaux in September is still the sun, and the possibility of responding pleasantly to the health constraints posed on each of us by the risk of the Covid-19.


So, meet your customers and prospects on your stand, sheltered from the sun and bad weather, in a spirit of relaxation. Appointments are made, the furniture has been designed to respect social distancing while promoting commercial rapprochement, in order to be protected.

Pourquoi un congrès ?
Congrès dédié
Why ?

Put around the same table SCIENTIFIC , JOURNALISTS and EXPERTS of the Vape to promote an intelligent and responsible Vape.


Allow journalists to have ACCESS TO GOOD INFORMATION so that they can relay it effectively and thus avoid the harmful virality of “copy and paste” of unfounded journalistic dispatches.


FEDERATE unions, associations and reviewers around the world around this international issue of vaping by making their unified voices heard beyond any border from Brussels to Washington.


LET THE POLITICIANS UNDERSTAND that vaping, despite the economic pressure from other markets (Alias ​​Big Pharma and Big Tobbaco), is an industry in its own right which also represents a burden in the world economy.


Finally, beyond the mercantile aspects, remember that the first issue of the vape is to allow smokers to wean themselves and thus, SAVE MILLIONS OF LIVES.

And most of all?

Meet decision-makers from around the world to promote business opportunities in a royal setting.


ENJOY 25 APPOINTMENTS including 20 chosen by you from a list of the biggest buyers on the market.


SHARE GOOD MOMENTS around a wine tasting or dinners to get to know each other, and more if affinities…


This is an opportunity to take a real business break to think “out of the box” far from the classic B2C / B2B trade shows.




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