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Become the Icovape ambassador 

Tas de main du groupe heureux

Ambassador? Why a such idea?

Icovape is a complete and complex project whose first goal is the consumer protection. How many industries, trades and businesses we have seen, protecting themselves before their consumers?

Consumer? Yes! because we are all in a balance process or more precisely imbalance between means and necessity. But, when market actors are firstly looking for your interest (as a consumer) before theirs, we come to a virtuous pattern where each balance fits into the other.

This leads to a Happy consumer, a happy industrial actor, a happy government (no need to regulate or few regulation), happy workers and a long trem growing market.





















Hence, Icovape's challenge is to protect consumers, and all of us, in order to find or to lead to the perfect balance.

Icovape can only be what it is suppose to if and only if all of us are mobilized.

Icovape recruits ambassadors, vapers, over 18 years old, that's obvious, in order to spread the information

All of us are responsible, and together, let's show that we are stronger!

Ambassador is sharing the same passion for a useful vape that allows us to quit smoking. 

Share and let us know, the performers will be our guests!

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