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Congress of Vape

Are you a Vape Actor?

Join us in Marrakech!


We are happy to see you again!


Icovape 2022 went well, some succeeded in making strong links with new players and opening markets abroad, others were able to start selling their products in Morocco and finally some (who will recognize themselves) have even decided to pack their bags to settle in Morocco and create a new activity of Vape ...

So we are waiting for you for the next edition, from 12 to 15 March 2023.

In the meantime, we remain at your disposal, and are always mobilized for you and for the vape!

Why Marrakech ?

Marrakech is known all over the world for its atmosphere, its gastronomy, its snake charmers, its majestic palaces.
And soon, the annual meeting place for all the world's biggest vape players and advocates.

And most of all?

Meet decision-makers from around the world to foster business opportunities in a royal setting.


SET OUT TO CONQUER  the African market and Moroccan in particular.


SHARE GOOD MOMENTS around a Moroccan evening where the souk comes to you, discover Moroccan gastronomy during dinners and build strong links to get to know each other, and more if affinities...


It is a real opportunity to take a business break and think "out of the box", far from the classic B2C/B2B trade shows

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